Vans Roadblock 2012 – BLVD Style

As many of you know Blvd once again took part in the Vans Roadblock contest back on August 5th. Four shop teams competing on four secret obstacles (that we each supply) for $4000 in cash.

After a fairly lackluster showing last year, it was unanimously decided amongst the team that we should kick some ass or go out in a blaze of glory.

Pretty sure we accomplished both..


BLVD x VANS ROADBLOCK 2012 from Blvd Skateshop on Vimeo.

Vans Roadblock 2012

Time for another Vans Roadblock. Come downtown tomorrow and watch four shops battle it out for $4g’s cash. ¬†We’ve got a ‘special’ obstacle this year. Don’t miss out!