Vans Roadblock 4 – Highlights !

Last Sunday Vans hosted the annual Roadblock contest on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.

The premise is 4 shops are invited to build an obstacle and then our teams compete against each other one obstacle at a time. There’s a $1000 up for grabs per obstacle and although there’s no official “best obstacle” award – we take great pride in ensuring that we have it every year!

When the dust settled we were triumphant in winning 2 of the 4 obstacles with Langley’s Coastal Riders taking the other two.  Huge props to Blvd teamsters : Adam Hopkins, Des Hoostie, Conlan Killeen, Danny Hagge and newest member Adam Richter. The boys killed it all day!


David Ehrenreich {talented local filmmaker and skateboarder} recently released his much anticipated “bro vid” entitled Suplex.  Its a great movie and features a few of our guys in the mix including : Cory Wilson, Rob Rickaby, Will Blakely, Mark Johnson and Jamie Maley.


SUPLEX from Don’t Sleep Productions on Vimeo.

Will B gets covered in Concrete

The latest issue of Concrete Mag [Canada's longest running free skate publication] has hit skateshops across the country and once again BLVD riders are all over it like a donkey on a waffle.

Be sure and check out Alien and the rest of the Emerica team in their Dust Demons tour article. Des and Adam got a few sweet pics from the 7 Shreddly Sins trip to the island as well.

Last but not least though, our newest recruit got himself an 8 pager interview with some amazing photos showing how well rounded he really is. Congrats Willy B

See some clips of Will’s wizardry on the wheels:



and Here

Danny’s got wood

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Danny Hagge since he was a wee lad that used to hang out at the Westbeach Ramp and drink 70 Jones Sodas per day.

Over the years he’s transformed himself from a pint sized ramp rat to a grown ass man running his own manly man’s business with his friend Eric Savics.

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